Terrorizing Sleep

I'm sleepy.

For all the sleep I 

Didn't get last night...

And the night before that,

And the night before that.

Your sleeping is my surviving.

Your snores are my screams.

What is the difference between bad and terror?

The same difference between "I can't sleep." and "I won't sleep".

Keep the light on, the T.V. too.

Cause when it gets dark

Sleep will call for me.

And when it gets dark

Your slumbering becomes my suffering.

Your sigh mirrors my "Save me!"

When I awaken, I become motionless.

Questioning, have I truly awoken?
Is this the end?

Then peices of the trama rain down on me,

I begin to recollect

The sharp bits that

Mislay the swelling wounds

Imbeded into my emotions.

I'm sleepy.

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