The Tenth Circle

The tenth circle of hell couldn't compare to a women's sorrow .

For a women's sorrow is the coldest lash of winds that scars the skin.

No man can not understand for women share each other sorrow .

The shattered petals of a rose could not be felt by the ground 
Those petal bonded by a single bud continue to crack and crash just as the first fore they are one. 
 Though the ground can become soft it still will not understand that of a fallen petal


O nay they say without the ground their would be no seed for which the stem had sprouted and formed of that small bud which those rose petals came.
So yes we do feel the pain of those fallen petals.


Our pain and struggle will never mirror each other ; so I say for those petals are soft,gentle,fragile, and beautiful and without these wonderful petals that form together and create a flower the world would be a wasteland of dry cracked soil.  


Yet beware of those stems from the soft,gentle,fragile and beautiful petals,they protect themselves with thorns.

 Those dangerous thorn show the side of a women that all fear ,her scorn.
"For hell has no fury like a women's scorn'd "



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