Ten Months


United States
25° 39' 55.4148" N, 80° 23' 57.354" W
United States
25° 39' 55.4148" N, 80° 23' 57.354" W

It had been ten months
Ten months of just seeing his handwriting
Small and squished but very exact
He always wrote in pen
Dark, permanent embodiment of himself
It was easy for me to create his personage in my head
Shaved head, genuinely happy smile
He always looked so right in his uniform
The camo seemed like a second skin
I stood close to the wall
Searching every face for his intense eyes
Locking on me so easily
Like a sniper locking onto his target
Suddenly I felt his strong grip on my waist
Turning me completely into him

It had been too many months
Too many months of pouring over her handwriting
Rushed and awkwardly spaced, clearly emotional
She always wrote in pencil
In case she wanted to change it to make me smile
I brought up the image of her often
Softness that pervaded her entire body
Her clothes never registered in presence of her smile
I walked quickly, staring hard at every face
Searching for the one with soft dimples and worried eyes
Suddenly I was behind her
Watching her look desperately through the crowd
I smiled and wrapped my arm around her waist
Pulling her soft body into my wrecked soul


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