Ten Feet Away

The walls are tight and slowly closing in;

I cannot leave this space I’ve buried myself within.

If I dare go out and meet someone today,

I better keep myself, at least, ten feet away.


Ever since the first cough blew across the earth,

Those unfortunate created a repeat of its birth.

Shortness of breath and fevers ran rampant

And weakened the weakest of those who can't

Dare I breathe in proximity to another in the hallway

If I am not, at least, ten feet away?


Now, every person covers their mouth

Lest their health quickly goes south.

Fears of foreign breath invade our every thought;

The image of falling ill makes our blood clot.

Sanitation and cleansing is now a common ritual

That makes washing hands even more habitual.

But alas--such shortages make them panic,

For without such gifts, they will surely turn manic.

I do not want to become frantic like everyone else may.

That is why I keep myself ten feet away.


Those who brave the outside lands

Pay attention to the air and hold back their hands.

People avoid their friends and fear the strangers

And are even cautious when approaching their mangers.

The socially awkward, like I, are blessed and can already stray

By keeping their distance, at least, ten feet away.


As all proceed with caution and services go online,

We keep our mouths shut and try to keep ourselves at bay.

For we could become ill with just a single cough;

That is why we remain, at least, ten feet away.

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My community
Our world
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