Mysteries dash across his face from the flickering flames,

Telling me of conceived lies and untold treacheries.

Staring aimlessly his storm blue eyes invite me in his mischief.

I know I should not indulge myself in him or his agenda but the freedom of the act beckons.

He offers me his hand and I reach out wanting to be careless for once; Free of blame and responsibility.

But then I hesitate; All I've ever known is duty and honor.

I ask myself what would I be without them. 


Merely an infant among thieves,

Wife to treachery.

I withdraw at last and his features turn to those of fury and disbelief.

His cornsilk hair turns black, his eyes become storm clouds flashing with angry lightning.

He glares daggers at me and disappears among the shadows.

It's then that I realize that I'd won.

I'd fought against temptation.



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