The Temporal Teacher

You've been with me all my life.

I suppose you will be here till I die.

In these my times of happiness and strife

Both here and gone in the blink of an eye

Being a great ally and cruel foe

On a infinite track with nowhere to go

You’ve mended my wounds like no other can

Yet been the folly of so many a man

You've taught me great lessons in both seconds and years

Alas although you have hands you have no ears

You reach out and affect us all

Yet you do not listen, you do not stall

Sometimes you run fast like the speed of light

And other times, moments seem to last all night

Understood by none you hold great knowledge

Yet also so simple you have no course at a college

Although you are not taught, lessons you do teach

A great mentor to all within your mighty reach

From the beginning to the end

You’re my nemesis and my friend

You have many faces we all do see

Yet also invisible to all of thee

From before, from now, from future.

You are Time, my greatest tutor.


This poem is about: 
Our world



This is about a great mentor we all share.

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