I am the queen of this temple

And no one is usually allowed inside. 


Ruling with fear is not my forte.


I let you pass through the gate into my private space

Thinking that you would obey my rules.


Maybe if I ruled with fear, I wouldn’t have been betrayed.


You came by and let me feel like the queen I was.

You listened and you were happy, too.


I guess your mask blinded me from the truth.


I let you come into my most private rooms

Believing you would treat them like museums.


Your politeness was a lie.


You continued to compliment my looks

And you admired everything I had.


Why could you not see me as beautiful on the inside?


I was nothing but kind.

I welcomed every part of you inside like a good host.


You seemed to believe that this was your castle.


Everyone thought you were an amazing young man,

And I thought it to be true, too.


Oh I couldn’t have been more wrong about you.


People continued to view you as an ideal guest.

Respectful and courteous is what you were.


Little did people know how you were behind closed doors.


I thought I found someone who I could rule the kingdom with,

Someone to be here through it all.


I didn’t realize you didn’t want me; you just wanted the crown.  



I couldn’t imagine how you could hurt me.

You only took care of me.


Everyday, your words cut deep inside me.


Your love shined through the dark times.

You were the one I could count on to be there when I made tough decisions.


You were the one to say the worst words silently.


Your words were tender in my ear around people.

They believed you adored me like everyone else.


I wish you adored me in private.

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