Tell The World


I see the world in a different way then others do.
Beauty and peace? That's what everyone makes it out to be, but its not.
Not one bit.
Everyday people brake. We lose tons of people to breakdowns
And thats the thing
No matter who they are
Or what they've done
No one actually cares
"I care about you."
Four little words.
Nothing, complete nothing.
This is the world we live in.
Where you can't even walk out of your house without someone judging you
And the sad part is
The people who always talk about judging others
Are the ones who do it the most.
I'm judging
You are too
But why, what exactly is the point?
To make ourselves feel better?
To have a better view on the world?
To feel something within us change?
Then why I ask you. Why do we, as humans feel the need to be different?
To change?
Why do we, want so badly, to be someone were not?
When in reality, there's only one of you
So you might as well make it a good you.
Not worrying about what others think.
Not crying yourself to sleep.
Not wondering what the girls or guys are gonna wear to school the next day.
Wear what you want and say what you feel.
You cant let people control you.
Beauty and peace will come from you. Not the world.
Because unlike the yourself, the world is empty
Filled with the most twisted creatures.
And yet you want to be like them?


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