Remember the time your mother said, "Turn your tv off and go to bed"?

Then in a split second, a sneaky idea is developed inside your head?

To turn on subtitles, mute the TV, then precisely cover the cracks of the door so the light doesn't leak?

Imagine the TV being your voice.

The only thing giving others entertainment. 

Constantly being reminded to "shut up" and stay quiet until the next orders have arrived.

I am the TV.

The words that were once spoken, have stained "subtitles" into my brain for ONLY my eyes to see.

Over the years, my voice has been forced to be mute and has taken the life of me.

Then a a clever idea, arrived.

If ONLY my eyes can see and my words on mute is the life of me, 

I must create my own voice and power like, telepathy.

The idea of poetry is the best for expression.

I can write for the WHOLE world to see what my brain has sustained,

I must create my own name for my voice, release it all at once, and let it rain!

I have found my own voice and power.

My power is Tele-poetry and it fits like a glove. 

The entertainment of my words will always be loved.

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