Teens Through the Eyes of a Teen

Thu, 07/03/2014 - 21:54 -- kenia21


Ma​ybe I should thank high school
Or maybe it's all just part of growing up
The thing is I can't seem to understand my generation
How is it that 90% of the people around me are preoccupied by these empty things
How did we all loose sight
When was our vision fogged up?
All of our dreams and aspirations have been cut off
By parties, by drugs, by sex, by others
What happened to the kids that wanted to be firefighters?
What happened to the future leaders?
Maybe it's just me
Maybe I'm the crazy one, the unrealistic dreamer
This is the scariest thought to ponder my mind
It scares me that we all lost "it"
I do everything I can to hold on to that "it"
But it feels as if the more I want it, the more the ocean's current seems to suck me in, it's like learning how to swim all over again
You figure everyone does it so I can too
But then you have to actually do it
Maybe we are all drowing and realizing that it is true:
It's easier said than done
It is harder to stand up than to be put down
It is scarier to be you
Because you want them all to like who they think is you
I can only hope that 30 years from now
When your kids log on to Instagram and see your red cup picture it means something, something more than a couple hundred likes
Maybe this is just me not liking all of you


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