Teenage Love<3 pt. 1 his view (imagine)


Teenage Love<3 pt. 1 his view (imagine)


You were sad so I held you

You whispered why did I let him hurt me again?

I said you should have never let him..

You began to cry again so I held you tighter

My white shirt grew lighter

Unsure of myself I told you my feelings

I’d hold you like this forever and if you ever needed me, I’d get here through any weather

You looked at me seeming more confused than ever…

Your eyes stayed locked with mine & you knew

I didn’t have to say anything at this time.. Now my heartbeat and the way I held you said it all

At this moment I stood tall…. still in my arms you seemed so small

If I kissed you right now would u think I’m taking advantage?

You said no… Not at all

I never thought I’d do it but like I said I felt soo tall

With one hand I griped your waist & with the other I caressed your face and in haste so I wouldn’t miss it...I kissed you

So passionately my mind, soul, and body felt at a distance… my heart just reacted and in that instance…

Everything I held in came out in one sweet long & passionate kiss

Subconsciously I doubted if it was good…

As our lips subtracted I felt sorry for how I reacted I just hoped that you knew in this moment, you mattered…

We stood still holding one another… your eyes still shut I couldn’t tell if you wanted another…

The moments I waited for your beautiful eyes to open felt like forever

I stared at you and wiped away the newly forming tears

I’m sorry for feeling how I do, I whispered as I began to loosen my grip to let you go

Eyes still shut you shouted no! And pulled me close… this moment was all I wanted most

Your eyes then opened & seemed fuller than before

I smiled and hugged you for a while….and stayed for a while more

Is there a chance that you feel the way I feel I really wasn’t sure

All I knew was that tonight I dreaded walking away from you & out that door

Instantly you smiled and said… gimme more..

My heart fluttered and I gave you so much more

I picked you up and carried you to your door

As soon as we got in I slipped and we landed softly on a pile of clothes you left on the floor

You giggled and with my leg I shut the door

In this moment I would never admit that I had no clue what to do and I think you knew…

But I held you tight and gave you more….more of myself then I ever did

I began kissing you so much reminiscing on how I dreamt of this so many times before

I picked you up and stripped you of your clothes and with your clothes I took away so much more

I told you, you were so beautiful & that no one will ever hurt you anymore





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