Teddy Bears

Slippery slimy in the night,

Pokey polka-dots covered in fur.

Grimy gunk putting up a fight

And slithering shimmering without a purr.


Under your bed,

and in your closet,

Your drawers contain a head,

There’s something squishing out your faucet.


Have you ever noticed these monstrous things

Never even touched your tiny toes?

Except those mosquitos with their wings…

Well apart from those.


You have a knight in shining armor

That wakes in the night

Pushing those monsters back to the floor.

It’s no wonder you never got a bite!


It’s name could be sublime

Like maybe Brownie,

For that one is mine,

My heart she holds the key.


If you haven’t guessed by now

Who this wonder may be,

Who prevented you at night from saying, “ow!”

Then let’s take a deeper look, shall we?


With a big fat tummy

And big ol’ paws

Keeping monsters from saying “yummy”

And batting away their giant claws.


Large round ears

With a snout so huge

Brushing away all your childish fears,

A thing where you take your refuge.


A beautiful bushy tail

On it’s big, beary butt.

Your teddy is without fail

Without even a cut.


Grizzly bear,

Polar bear,

Panda bear

Or brown bear.


Keeping those creatures away

From pulling out your hair,

Teddy bear will always stay

No matter what affair.

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