Teddy Bear in the Toolbox

I’m a little too much of the same thing

I run on the railway lines

That roll as straight and narrow

As the razor-sharp wire I

Am constantly using as a tightrope

I’ve been told I’m funny

Key word: been told

No one really knows who

They are to other people

But I think I can trust the people

I love enough

I love them for a reason

And they aren’t the type to
Keep around someone who 

Isn’t worth the time


I look like I was

Born to work in a bank

Or to be a librarian

Maybe even a federal bureaucrat

With so many regulations they drown me

Big glasses with bad eyes behind them

A stooped back and

Dry hands and a moisturized face

I keep it going

Nice and steady


They ask me how

I do it all

Habit, honestly

But I also care

I try to, a lot

Because when you don’t care

Nothing matters

And nothing ever will


I’m a little bit


In the grand scheme

But I’m on the steady path

At least, now I am

(Wasn’t Before)

I’m a little too much

Of that stream of consciousness


Despite the fact that

My head’s pretty quiet



But I’m

Real dependable

If you give me the chance

I don’t bow

Don’t kneel

Or collapse

When it gets tough

And I like that

About me.

It’s nice

To be the same thing

On the straight and narrow

(not that I’m either)

I hold up a lot on my shoulders now

Lots of people

Lots of important work

Or at least

Work important to

Me and

The people 

Important to 



Because life isn’t much

But what you care about,

And caring about what

I’m doing

Or what she’s doing

Or what he’s doing

Or what they’re doing

Isn’t the most

Constructive use

Of time.


I keep people up

With broad shoulders

And you too,

Will find your greatest strength

In a 


That others hate about you

But I’ll tell you

It’ll serve you better

And what you care about


Than anything else could.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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