Tears like stars

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 14:27 -- de-v1de

The silence was stifling

staccato sobs through a static filter

it was unthinkable

my mind like cogs

grinding to a halt

i was speechless, my voice

failing me

what was i supposed to do

how was i supposed to feel

when she told me about

those feelings

she, the girl i love.



from a best friend

confused and lonely

on a path of self-destruction

a confession

more grinding to a halt

unsure how to react

unsure how to console



two faces

both masks

both unable to speak

their parents uncaring or

unwilling to hear

with nowhere to turn

with nowhere to run


it took time

hours spent on the phone

hours spent on the way home

tender conversations

guts were spilled

dams were broken

tears were shed

i see their faces now

her brilliant smile

his raised eyebrow

i go to school now

a lengthy hug before first

a fist bump, a wave

and know

know that it could've been

so much worse

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