Tears in my dressing room

And he will be standing in the spotlight again...

and I will be hiding in the shadows from him...

Long talks, long nights, a handshake and a goodbye.

It is the final curtain call!

Come on boys! I told you that I would give it my all!

We round up our chassies and kick our feet to the sky.

Would you look, would you just look at all these wonderful guys. 

But no.

I had to fall in love with you. 

Of course. 

Why not?

He will never know about the nights I cried about him.

Makeup would run down my face in my dressing room.

Eyeliner is over rated anyways. 

I would do it all over again, just to see him smiling at me.

I take my final bow, people giving their lovers flowers, and I wonder how.

If it is possible to find someone that you love and they love you back the same.

I see him in the audience out there.

He is shaking his head at the show I put on.

Then he meets me backstage. 

He is like the phantom always their beside me.

When I walk around backstage, the backstage where he use to ignore me.

I know I shouldn't, but it always divides me.

He would look at me and I would wonder if he cared. 

I knew he didn't.

But I sure did. 

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