Tears of the Heart

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 23:13 -- Ntran27


Hope — Broken — Abandoned

Love — Accept


Proud like the sun Rot in Hell’s cavern


I shine and run       The darkness in you sickens me


You can’t stop my heart Free me of your part


It swells like plum              You think you’re successful


I strive to succeed          Classic Victorian? Try valedictorian


All A’s, I stampede     No please and thank you's to your views


Manners, I trapeze          Take them to the pews


Swing me to hope and           Pray away — filthy and disgusting!


Acceptance and love lance       You’re not the son I wanted—


Mom and Dad, I ask,        You’re haunted


Love me, Love me —Devil inside you, be gone


I’m not crass         Have my son—


There’s nothing wrong with me     He shall never see the sun


I swear by God to love myself   What do others think


Happiness is Key            About my putrid son?


Born This Way I’m free Choosing sins

—Spread Love—

God made me perfect    —Seal the savage swiftly


Don’t you see?  God, we ask of you,

—Quell hate — Rejuvenate with Affection—

I’m plagued with a loving        Why do you curse and prod us?


—Heart—          —Darkness—


Are you plagued by an abyss?         Our son will never come back


I told you because I thought      Trapped by Satan’s hack


That you would care — Fraud! We leave you


Thought you would love me — Bought away!      You alone


—Amore—Amare—Amavi— Don’t come back—


You betrayed me        I breathed life into you

   —Band together and make a difference—

You threw me out        Your different colors and hues

You told me to come back S

When I T    Fate! Take his soul away

was O

fixed P     Hang yourself—

Mother        —T—

Father H        You are nothing to me

I’m not broken E


I was never broken A        Aperçu: at times I cry


Until you E —Why is my son so un-guy?

—My Family       —A—

N   Understand hath not—give way

Drove your searing knife— D

       —S—       His faults tear us down

Through my heart. P

R They make us drown

       —Knife E

The blade— A       —Water’s edge

Blood— D          —Gasp

I hope you never        —T—   —Vile

Know the pain H       —Venom

You dragged into my E       —Crestfallen

       —L— — Traumatic

skin— I

—The scars are gone F       Perhaps I should take—

E —No, the sin will never—

And the blood is banished   —O— But we must love


But I’m your son—        —L—      Late. Missed. Irreconcilable.


Wounded and Lost. V Wounded and Lost.


Pish Posh     Mother’s instinct—Is he really broken?

You said Father’s knowledge—Is he in college?

   Mother’s grief—Hope with belief

Over it or get lost Father’s Anger—Can he be gayer?

  Son come back

Gay? More like Away. What are you?

  Set me on track

I taught you better.

Look, Mom, I found a boy.   Let  me repair the crack

Stay away—Disowned

He’s my joy!              That is derangement

You’re bad blood and bone

Our love is bright          Visit your engagement

Live your desolate life

It overcomes our fight         Revampment—

Lonely and lurid—

You and me though, The void that is my heart—

—I hope you be—

Can we end this plight?       Fill it again with your glamour

Never near my death bed

Care and compassion he shows          You’re not opprobrium

Heaven is for me

Grace without haste, I express You are honor

You might learn

The passion is raw       Son, my love, I am  

A thing or three

A life together We will draw        —Sorry—I’ve been misguided

Pay for your sins,

It’s okay to be different        —Sorry—I’ve  been   so  cruel

Or Hell you’ll see

It’s okay to be me        —Sorry—Please  forgive  me

My last words for you—

It’s okay for him to be him        Can we be okay?

Listen here—

It’s okay to be gay       Will your love be saved?

You’ll read my lips:

God loves us—   God, I pray for forgiveness

"Go to Hell, you queer."

Can you?          Let us be okay.





~Nicholas Tran~




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~Nicholas Tran, author of the poem

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