A boy who is very blue, sat by himself in school.

Crying is all the little boy can do, for no one ever uttered a single word.

His parents didn't even know his own name.

The boy grew mute day by day

people stopped caring and looked away,

not a single eye felt for him.

Morning is here

Breakfast is made

All the kids went down and ate,

except for one because he felt so ashamed. 

Down he went anyway Grumbling and Tumbling,

Still paid no attention did they not?, but one stood out different amongst all the rest.

Attention drew to him like never before,with laughter, Joy, Peace, and so much more.

Not only did he manage to have a wonderful friend, but food that satisfied his hungry heart.

Spring arise again in high spirits from dawn to dusk, and no one dared turned into a fuss.

The boy who was once in solitude found his place amongst the stars, 

as they gazed upon his beating heart.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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