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POEM by; Alick Mushekwa®


Tears ain't enough to show my sorrow,
The darkness has befallen our tomorrow,
For life we can't borrow,
Our late brothers and sisters we can't follow,
"Nangula a menshi yankonka umufolo!"
(Even though water follows the drainage)

My eyes awash in solidifying tears
My mouth trembling in biting cold
My voice box subjected to a flight mode
My legs can't carry me no more
My body weightless; how can the driver be reckless?

Death you can't be that heartless
My words left hanging worthlessly
You have take a worker who rendered his services selflessly
Death you have taken our brother mercilessly!
Tears ain't enough to embrace the loss!

Your corpse carried on the shoulders of the soldiers;
This shows your services are over
Goodbye our problem solver!

Your services are irreplaceable and it is not easy to replace another you

Your good heart has gone to the yonder world; my voice can't cry out loud

You have gone with your great love shown
You were born with innocence, yet death saw it no sense
My poem very shocking, but don't mean offence
A journey you started from zero,
A health hero you have left
Your services has been swallowed by the fatal accident

I would rather salute you than to salute Mr. President
Your blood shed for the well being of this country
Your works grew big like a palm tree

We all benefited from the fruits of your tree
A selfless worker you were, and selfish death has taken you
To the land of no return; if it were feasible you would have made a u turn
Because we are still in love with your selfless works

If I were super man in a real movie, I would have noticed a contingent

I would have ran to your rescue; without letting you on the queue to die
My lips ain't strong enough to support my mouth
Expect to gaze in the South; in anticipation of seeing your soul rise

Your blood gives a cool feeling like a breeze from the ocean of love

Your services can't be missed but always on our minds because appreciating you isn't enough

Your blood gives life to a dehydrated body while it dries out in the grave

I would rather serve than to be saved that is what you've taught me!
May your soul rest in peace Mr. Ian Muntambo

All rights reserved®
Nyasoka's production®🇿🇲

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