Teardrops atop the pyramid

Teardrops Atop the Pyramid

Stunting and bluffing


Stunting and bluffing


Breaking my body and collecting my thoughts


The forlorn state of the Damned and Dependent


Damned be we who see beauty in the bruise on the peach


The ward of the warrior


Who’s been cut to the bone


Big Brother packs cornmeal and coffee,


and a smoke for the road


For he, the departed master


Does reflect light upon these beaten battered and hallow souls


As the epoch of the butterfly does pass

God’s relief rests beaded on the blackened shoal.

Hands Coalesce on trembling skin 

For he sees distance from afar

Murmurs of a princes failures

As the zealots of Stockholm rasp insinuating whispers

Spilling truths upon the Czar

For shaken souls, thy maker’s coals, They churn

The forgone prophet descends to madness

The favored son, His tour is done, returns

And fractured things, breathe broken wings, they soar

The game is won, gods’ will be done, despair

And from our souls, we spill out all, We care

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