A tear for you

I didn't mean to, but I cried one tear for you.
then three more for me.
And a river began to flow just for us.
Down the silken mountain of pale skin,
diminished to the ghost within.
Phantom hands reaching for invisible memories.
I found a rib cage, it wasn't yours.
It was like big sur.
The waves indescribably beautiful
as the water washed over me.
reminding me of the why.
why we live.
why fields of green, with butterflies.
why sunshine, flowers that bloom by moonlight.
why lungs for deep breaths of your soft scent.
why eyes to gaze into your galaxy mind.
why fingers to intertwine with mine.
the why flooded back to me,
white water flashing memories of times past,
and time yet to be.
as you held me.
The tear just slipped out.
It slid past the guards.
streamed over the walls.
I accidentally cried this tear for you.
Then the tears for me.
Filling the moat.
I found a kiss.
It wasn't yours.
It was the South Sea;
The chill ran so deep.
Slowing my heartbeat.
Saving me from the fragility of this love street.
Sailing in the South Sea.
I accidentally cried a tear for you.
Then three for me.
The river of tears flowing crystalline.
With such clarity,
I should have seen.
The water is clear,
but my vision is blurry.
I thought I saw you,
in love with me.
I meant to tell you of the joy you bring.
As the world revealed its beauty.
A private memory.
Falling through my eyes,
this river runs wide.
I cried one tear for you,
and three for me.
With clarity flowing free,
the now came to me.
Now I can see.
Now I can breathe.
Now I will stand on the feet that were swept out from under me.
Now they can dance to the sound of the distance drum.
The beat undeniable in the warm autumn air.
Now I care.
I see the green and the butterflies.
I see the waves and the tangerines.
I know the truth as the fear subsides.
I know love and the talents she brings.
I didn't mean to, but I cried one tear for you.
And three for me.



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