Tue, 02/23/2016 - 20:47 -- Sabby

Reflections in the mirror come and go

like the perfect kiss

under the mistletoe.

Different scenarios replay in my head

of every evil,

hurtful thing

ever said.

The pain i have felt

the hurt i endured..

Nothing relates to the happiness i do not feel.

the white walls are there,

the lights are screaming,

the outside world is just as unpleasing

i cannot escape

this darkness i feel

until I spot that teal.

Then I know it is only a short time

until I can begin to feel alright.

The music comes back,

the darkness is ebbed

as everything is gone in my head.

I can grab that teal paper and

with every stroke

I can write how I feel,

it seemed like a joke.

The sadness expired,

the hunger for words

has just become reacquired.

The paper I see

is my only need.

The pain that I feel,

the sorrow

and hurt

can't touch me no more.

I'm alert.

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