Teachers,Prison & Detention


So theyre telling us that his desk is preparing him for a cell

They count his absences like mail

Opening up his backpack to see if he can get expelled

Not contacting us at all

I thought we were allowed atleast 3 minutes a day

Teachers becoming wardens

Drowning in their own burdens

Not caring about the children they are throwing away

They tell us hes a class clown

but when did class clown equal villain

Puttin money on his books like Terry Mcmillan

Are the same money were paying for his schoolbooks

be the money we should save to put on his books?

When did A.D.D equal the penitentriary

Why do Teachers go to college 

just to major in Post Op-Prison curriculum 101

Sending our child to a doomed future

Just because you werent up to take the challenge

of someone who was brought up through one

To forfeit has become the trend

Where teachers are no longer friends

They are security guards listening to the ones in charge

Not the principal, the government

We keep passing these laws to build more prisons than schools

But how about lets stop spending money on the fools

and spend more money to get more qualified  teachers

maybe then our children will stop skipping class to sit in the bleachers

Children thirst for direction please dont misunderstand this

They just cant take contradiction

If you want them to listen then you also need to listen

They need you to identify with them in order to teach

So instead of sending them into detention

Maybe you should attend with them

until you come to a understanding of how you both will make it as a team

You can only credit yourself not by the degree's or merits that you achieved

But by the amount of children you kept out of the penetentriary.


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