teachers of the world

Sun, 11/03/2013 - 09:20 -- Lizauda


 Please dont eat infront of us.

 We wont ask for help

when your breath is smelling like must.


"Work is on the board"

then you continue to shop online for shoes.

This woman is a bore.


Rolling your eyes for each question asked.

you're like five feet tall

I could beat your ass.


All we learn is how to skim for answers,

cheat on the test,

and count the hours.


You travel the world?

on your salary?

With your skills you should be broke.


Keep your toes in your shoes,

with bumps and wrinkles,

and different nail paints of red an blue.


No, we shouldnt already know this.

the last one who taught us

was as bad as you.


It doesn't matter black or white.

we all came here to learn.

how dare you say which is the better side!


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