Teach US

If I didn't want to learn I wouldn't be here

If you want to socialize leave here

I came to fill my head with things I didn't know

You were hired to teach us these things

Get of your facebook and your phone

I'm calling to your attention,

A need to be corrected

These problems need more explanation

Why O why I wonder are you even still here

After the lack of things you've provided to do

Do you need to clean out your ears?

Are you listening?

These are just the honest concerns of a student

Petrofied by the lies and the fact that you're lacking to teach us anything

You sit at you computer and phone in your face

I raise my hand I try to speak to you

But you've got yourself caught in a vortex

Sorry Mr. Principal we have some facalty difficulties

But you con tinue to carry on in spite of me


Need to talk?

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