Teach Me What I Need To Learn

Sunshine floods her window,

And seems to be,

The only brightness in her day.

It's all routine.

She feels like her heart has died.

Darkness surrounds her,

And pain pierces her heart.

She feels almost swollen,

From the lack of love around her.


She is slipping away,

Although you see her,

Sitting still in her chair.

History floods from your mouth,

As I sit and ponder,

Why Thomas Jefferson is so important to you.


Don't you see?

Are you blind?

You know her story.

It was on the front page.


She used to seem so much more,

Vibrant and joyful,

Now that her story is public news,

She isn't pretending anymore.


Oh knowledgeable history one,

What is making you care so much,

About Abraham Lincoln,

Yet not this girl sitting in your own classroom?


A rough time doesn't even begin to explain,

The horrifying nightmare,

That is going on inside.


She is having flashbacks,

It is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I know all this,

Because I am her friend,

And because I care.


The Civil War,

Has passed and gone.

Yet your booming voice speaks passionately,

About America's biggest battle.


Open your eyes,

Expert of battles,

There is a battle going on,

Right here,

Right now.


Please knowledgeable one,


Expand your expertise of battles,

To the ones,

That are going on,

Right now,

To the ones,

That are going on,


Too many of my friends,

Are at war,

Every single second,

Of every single day.

Teach them.

Educate them.


On the most important battle,

Of their lives.

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