TCommunity (The T is Silent)

This is my song!
I've realized I waited way too long
This is the story my voice tells
I speak the words out loud
No one hears my act
I paint the blood of the dead boy
He walks around, but people don't see
They criticize him and they criticize me
Because together we make a community
A community that stands together

But when that community fails you!
A community so focused on love, without fail
But that little boy is going through hell
No one can see him because he's not there
He's there, in a different world, the wrong world
My world says all enclosure
30 years out the door
Twenty bottles down the drain
My life is useless, this world won't teach me

That little boy is in a box
The box everyone walks by laughing
They claim you don't belong here
He begins to listen
What if this world was all a lie
Maybe I'm a lie
I try and try
I can fit into this box
20 more years and I'm tired of pretending

I take my child to school
A little girl runs up to him
The thing about this girl, She's in my community
I want to fit in comfortably
When the little girl sees me she smiles
The box is finally fading, I can see myself
The little boy emerges
The grown man is ME!


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