Taylor The Sailor

In her dreams, she is a sailor.
She lives her life at her own leisure.
Her boat, it has no sail. 
It merely goes where the oceans takes it.
Sometimes the waters get rough and rock the boat,
but she is not shaken.
She does not worry about tomorrow or where the sea will take her. 
She simply enjoys the voyage.
That life is but a dream.
She is forever land-bound.
She stands on the shore, staring out at the endless sea.
A wave splashes over her feet, as if to temp to her.
It calls to her.
But she is afraid.
Afraid of the ocean.
The ocean is so big and strong.
She is small and weak.
What if its tides carry me away from shore?
What if I get lost in its endlessness?
What if the waves pull me under, and I can't make it back to the surface?
I'll drown out there.
She turns and walks away,
heading towards home. 
She crawls in bed and sets sail once again.


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