I picture me and you


as an everlasting tattoo


to exist, to bear, to will


endlessly... like when we first escaped to the sea


waves rolling towards the never-ending sunset


a flame like the blazing embers illuminating our fireplace


burning up the absolute sky like an eternal tower of timber extending upwards


ashes identical to gulls soaring through the clouds of billowing smoke


serrating the memory of our first kiss


which I do not remember flaring with a passion, but instead flickered a captivating spark


reflecting off seagull wings, discarded feathers enclosed by our awaiting hearts


tickling blood vessels until they burst and rupture with the charcoal of our compassion


cauterizing conjoined tendons like stitching open wounds, suturing seamlessly


our lives are boundless tattoos intertwined, crisscrossing the entity of my flesh


never ceasing and forevermore


leaving reminiscent of bygone days and contemplations


on what shall pierce my skin next


abandoning rivers of ink across the canvas of my soul


shallow swirling streams and bubbling babbling brooks covering the expanse to my ocean of coal

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