After a few sips of bland red wine

I came home

To try to wipe off the blood of my shirt and mind.

Who was that you were talking to? 


Moreover deep into the night

I stared at the Sun 

To try to reach for its wings and take a flight.

What were the last words I told you?


Although dawn struck first

I saw your silhouette reach for my soul

But it's empty beside me in a sudden burst.

Where have you gone? 


Before your favorite program & meal

I cared for you

But it wasn't real-

It was the program & meal.

When will you come back?


In reality

What we supposedly say

What we actually do

Just seems like another day.


"Because I love you."


How can that be true?

How can that be true?

I say this alone in the house

As you call a taxi in South Avenue.

How can that be true?




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