A Taste of Knowledge

Sometimes I wonder if I'd still be me if I never went to school.

School, you formed me into such a particular shape I wonder if this was your plans along.

If from the start, you knew that just a taste would throw me into everything you are.

The smell of the books, the squeak of the chairs, the dust of the chalkboards, you used these to memorize me.

With just a quiet whisper you convinced me that you were the only one I needed.

A taste of knowledge was all it took.

You gifted me scholars who provided me with everything I could want.

Math equations, whimsical stories, new languages, and everything in between, you used to bring me closer.

Was it always your plan to leave me wanting more?

Did you try to show others your wonder? 

Why was everyone around me not enamoured with you as I was?

Sometimes I wonder if the challenges you presented me were to drive me away.

But now I see you just wanted me to prove I would and could push through.

You wanted me to be the best, for your plan all along was to use me to guide others to you.

To be the path to show others the way to your magnificance is my dream.

I can now see, that you did know, you were well aware.

A taste of knowlege is all it would take.

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My community


Jan Wienen

Thanks. So true

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