Tangible Heart

What is that called

the one that made her fall

the thing that made him regret

It's an emotion that's not tangible


That is false it is palpable

the hand placed on the chest

the feeling that one gets when their skin is caressed

Gaze in the stars that isn't the skies

yes it is the eyes the things that cry

the sensitive water

the salt of the fear


do not leave for it breaks

this one cannot be physically mended

emotionally yes once it has been bended

it's not what is intended

sometimes it just happens


definitely it's real

very real

something you can feel

it's not tangable 

yet it is palpable

treat it with care

it's the most valuable thing

hold it while it's there







Mills Cooper

Nice poem...you displayed some vivid imageries within your lines. I'll have to check out some more of your work down the line.



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