Taming Nature


United States
34° 45' 44.7444" N, 86° 41' 28.7592" W

You can’t tame the earth or nature’s strength.
Though we cover it up and force it down
Below the bricks we lay for the joy of sight,
It will always prevail to show it’s power.
Years are no matter to the tree,
Seasons only life to the flowers that come and go.
The bricks that hide the roots so deep
Start to bubble and crack and lose their form.
Though we craft and mold the vines in design,
The wild runs through each phylum and xylem.
Though nature dies more replaces it in due time.
For all our wisdom and study of life,
We will never gain the strength of nature
Or tame the wild power coursing in every leaf.



Though a tree hunger is not the best way to describe me, I love nature and realized the great need there is to protect it, thus this poem was inspired as I walk down a busy Beijing street in China.

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