The Tall man

Drip, drip, drop, drop goes the rain falling down outside

Everything is calm in the small towm 

When soon comes a heavy sigh 

In the window a face appears, along with a little girl who hair is brown


"Come with me little ones to a place where you are free. Be one with all of us for enternity ." The tall man sing-songed. 

The litte children araised from their deep slumber

The man they did follow in hopes they can finally find a place to belong

All around the children came making more numbers


"No more pain you shall feel, no more sorrow or guilt, welcome to a place where you can be free!"

Food was placed out for the little ones with such grace

The children danced around with glee

The tables were than dressed with lace


The parents are home alone wondering where their little ones have gone

The mothers sit on the bed little her tears shed

For their children were dead before dawn

A note was found on the table stating the children will safely be led


The tall man smiles nodding his head

For he knows death is something everyone fears

With a heavy heart death is so much dread

But not for the tall man, he makes death clear


With his teeth showing through his smile

The children he marches on with

Knowing the walk may take awhile

A song he begins to smith


"As you close your eyes to sleep 

Your heart beat getting weak

Look outside and you will see

The tall man thats me


I will lead you to a place

A place of the great unknown

A place were your heart shall never race

And I'll be sitting at the throne


You are now dead but that's okay

We'll just be on our marry way

As the days passes on 

You'll still hear our song


Mother never cry

For even if I'm gone

This isn't the final goodbye

Just because you can't see me now just know it won't be long." 


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