Talking In Third Person

I really hate art.

I mean really hate art.

All I could manage to pencil out was

A disproportional stick figure.


So when I walked in and you shoved paper and crayon in my hand

I was less than happy.

And to top it all off,

You wanted me to display my feelings.

Two things I cannot stand:

The fragility of crayons which always ends up in two pieces broken in half 

And vulnerability.


We talk about our feelings like they don't belong to us.

I feel like I should be talking in third person.

If our words were hugs

We’d be running into each other,

Arms crossed over our chests.

We have not even scratched the surface and still

I feel raw.

I am teetering on edge.

On the edge of getting up and leaving,

Running away from what I feel.

But I don’t.

I sit there and 

I wait.

Wait until our feelings resemble something that look like “progress”

I sit there and

I wait.

Time’s up.

"Yes, that works just fine," I say.

"I’ll be back next thursday."



I really like this, you sum up therapy really well in your crayon and vulnerability metaphor that was my favorite part love this one.



Thank you so much SoundofRain.

I also love that poem. You have no clue how much these comments make me want to continue writing and develop my craft.

Wishing you the best success with your writing =)


I love this poem WordSmith_15!! I can relate to this in some of any ways and I can feel the attitude in it too!! xD And especially  love the part of relation between the crayon and fragility and vulnerability. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this piece, keep up the the great work!!



Thank you so much unspoken_conviction for the praise. 

Do you have any pieces that you would like me to read?

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