Talking In My Sleep

If these walls could talk,
What would they say?
Maybe we should let the light in,
It’s been dark in here for too long.
Raise the ceiling up,
Call it caged in. 
If chains could talk,
What would they say?
We will hold on tighter,
The longer you fight us.
Grow up as if you will never leave.
Call it chained up.
If windows could talk,
What would they say?
Look outside,
Into the world,
Free and wonderful.
And keep wishing for a breath of fresh air,
Cause bustin’ through us will only hurt you more.
Call it window pain.
If pillows could talk,
What would they say?
Rest your head and cry away the pain.
I won’t keep count of how many times you fall asleep,
With tears streaming down your face,
Nor will I count the mornings you wake
With tear-stained cheeks.
I will silence your sobs and screams for your love,
Cause I know they don’t wanna hear it.
And when the time comes for me to be shared,
I will listen to both of you.
I’ll smile and call it pillow talk.
If my heart could talk,
It wouldn’t. 
It’d play music.
My veins as guitar strings,
Pumping to my heartbeat as the drum plays 
To the rhythm of your voice,
And beautiful silence as you kiss me good morning.
And then,
It doesn’t matter what the walls,
Or windows say.
What matters the most,
Is waking up, sharing my pillow with my love,
And the sweet music we make together.
And somehow,
That makes everything else
Worth the tears.



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