With god by my side 

How I can I loose 

how  can I self destruct

How can I give up 

When he gives me his grace 

He gives me his wharf

He shields me from evil 

Without him there is no me 

Without him there is no chance on this place we call earth 

Why would I stray? Away when yoshua told me Dey will deceit me

They will cut me 

Stab me 

Drag me 

Jail me 

Frame me 

All because of the power I bring when I speak his name 

I heard him call out to me 

Told me I’m prefect just the way iam 

Bring his people in 

Let them know his face is turned 

He can see you 

He can you hear 

He can save you 

Their is hope only if you surrender yourself to him 

Don’t fall a fool for the riches & glory 

So why would I fall to be a fool for you 

You are the devil 😈 

You are evil 

You lie & deceit people

You abuse & misused people 

Y should I fall into a fool hand just to become a victim to a villain 

Who has no hopes for me 

Who has  no way of taking my pain away 

But yet you cause them 

Trying to steal me off my path 

You once stole my joy from me 

Took everything I had 

But I found god 

I stand firm with him 

He stand firm with me 

Without him we wouldn’t be 

This is a message that’s suppose to be 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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