Tales of the Path Less Taken


United States
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If everyday is a journey
then we’d best be on our way
If a quest is why you’re yearning
then perhaps todays the day.
The world is our playground
and it’s ours for the taking.
So let’s go and claim the prize!
For we are champions in the making.

With me are friends to come
and every spot was earned.
Our trust is strong, we know it well
from each other we have learned.

First comes Melony
her strength comes in her faith
Though she’s small in stature
she knows with us she’s safe.
Light in skin her face is fair
with freckles on her cheeks.
her hair is red and her eyes inviting
though she acts as though shes meek.
Though quiet and sweet as we all know
that is not all she wrote
for we all sit and wait to hear
the comedy of seldom jokes.

Next is Ben
his heart is full of love
as compassion is defined
we know he’s far above
Bronze on his skin and blonde in his hair
he’s calm and cool and clear.
He plays guitar and sings along
the sound could bring a tear.
We know he’s strong though he thinks hes weak
but it’s rare to see men stronger.
His body may not take him far
but his heart will take him farther.

Third is Luke
His frame is large and strong
Though he can do whatever he wants
he hates all that is wrong.
His hair is brown but nearly black
and his face is average white.
If there’s trouble along the way
we know he’ll be ready to fight.
He represents what men wish they could be
regardless of their admittance
sincerely we are thankful
for his effort and commitment

Rich is forth
but don’t be distracted by the name.
His family is poor and without privilege
but from that he finds no shame.
He boasts of his adversity
as if it were his strength.
He would work all day and even night
no concern of timely length.
At average height he stands
with hair bleached from the sun.
If life is just a game to play
despite is all he’s won.

Further onto Jane
Her intelligence is bright
Though often stubborn, Its ok
because she always right.
Behind the glasses her eyes are green
she uses them to read.
With answers to find and secrets to solve,
her words we will believe.
Thankfully for us she’s not naive
to believe in foolish words.
She looks to faith in righteous things
retaining all she learns.

Sixth is Joshua.
He shines with loyalty
Of all my friends, though not above,
it is easiest to confide in he.
He towers above the rest of us
lanky, long and lean.
He never hides away from us.
He knows he’s always seen
Without him we’d be at loss
He brings much to the team.
Friendship is what he stands for
and for that he has esteem.

Courtesy is not seen
many times today
but if ever there was a courteous man
I would say his name is Jay.
Your path will always be open
and convenient all the way
because of this man and his selflessness.
We'll not be lead astray.
Dark in skin and hair and eyes
he’s got a look of mystery
But to us his friends, it goes to show,
we don’t mind to take his lead.

The eighth spot goes to Jan
she does not stretch the truth.
To the thought that honesty gets you far
she is living proof.
Her news is always righteous
though it can be hard to swallow.
without the amazing service she brings
our team would soon be hollow.
Brunette and beautiful
she stands out in a crowd.
But it is in her truthfulness
that we are truly proud.

Next is my friend Hope.
And the name does surely fit.
In times of trouble and times of strife
she gives my spirit lift.
Due to past experience
her very life is reminding
that though the sorrow may come in the night
the joy comes with the morning.
Behind blonde strips she looks along
without any fear.
She knows what most forget
that hope is always near.

Last of all is Aaron.
This is a man of joy.
To some he may seem large and scary
But he may as well be a child’s toy.
A hearty laugh for all to hear
echos through our halls.
His words are use to heal the soul
every time he calls.
His bearded face gives warm embrace
to any who draw near.
Happiness surrounds him
so we never have to fear.

We live our lives from day to day
with every moral stride.
The best of virtues are presented here
and their strength is on our side.
Wherever we’ll go whatever we find
is arbitrary at best
No matter the trial and no matter the burden
We are sure to pass the test.
Our strength is not gained from men
nor from our worldly ranks.
In the end there is but one
Who is deserving of our thanks.


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