A Tale of Siblings.

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 19:07 -- arni

I wrote this poem to explain how I think the tale of Hansel and Gretel should have ended.


The Grimm Brothers and their fairytales

Nothing like Jack and Jill and their pail

No, Grimm tales are well quite grim

But, they are very far from dim


Please enjoy as I narrate

A classic tale of siblings

But with a different fate


Hansel and Gretel led out of their home

Three times they were left all alone

Now walking on a lonely lane

Their hearts filled with pain


Alas, they look up and see

A house built with fabolous sweet

Oh! How their hearts filled with glee

Yet standing right in front of the door

An old lady called out to them

But, they ignored


Despite their hunger, they knew it wasn't right

To go to a strangers house

While, there was no one else in sight


So they went on their way, till they found a cafe

This is where they ate and at half past eight

An officer came and took them to a place where they would be safe



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Our world


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