The Tale of a Bittersweet Love Affair

As time goes on, the more I wonder how much it was true

Did you love me as much as I still love you?

Does your heart ache while you lie awake in the dark

Thinking of my hand wrapped gently around your arm

Does your soul feel as if its falling from within

As you remember the years filled with laughter and conversation like two best friends


Do your eyes begin to brim with tears

As you drive past all of the places we made memories together

Of the moments you used to watch me sleep on bus rides filled with thick, country air

Does your heart yearn for me

As my favorite song comes on the radio

Does your entire body feel hollow

Thinking of everything we had and everywhere we were going to go?


As time goes on, the more I realize it is true

All I feel is bittersweet when I stare back at you

My heart aches as I lie awake in the dark

Thinking of your warm touch as you wrap me in your arms

My soul feels like its falling from within

As I remember you surrendering the fight the moment I was weak

Now that my eyes are filled with tears, I can finally see

You never loved me like I dreamed


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