The Taken Ones



when the ephemeral breath matures-

the energy collected, being

escapes by astral aperture

to a realm our human eyes cant see


a state the soul seeks by departure

to the end, and beginning, ultimately

the atoms rearrange themselves

to find a way again to breathe

& the taken ones talk to us in the breeze


it seems unnatural to fabricate the soul

the esoteric substance of skin so unfitting

ardent entity in a fragile flesh

involuntary fugitive faithfully awaits the quantum leap


better a heart misplaced by momentary lapse

than to suffer uncertainty before the eyes

I like to believe there was no time for the notorious flash

sometimes the taken ones get taken by surprise


a glitch in the machine, your time was cheated like sutumn equinox

divine eclipse, your atoms are still here but your thoughts have gone to space stuff

the ether will again transform you, bathe in the empyrean seas

celestial estuary of redistribution, once again youll be bound to your knees



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