Taken for Granted

You know what is awesome? The heat in the summer 

The changing leaves in Autumn

Nature's beauties surround us

However, we may have forgot about them

Amazing creatures that share this planet

The glowing stars lightyears above

taken for granted 

too often

Take a look back appreciate love

Between mother and son

brother and daughter

grandma grandpa granchildren

dont forget about father

What's awesome is that we're alive, every breadth provided by something higher than us

may it be religion or a power that does not dwell up above

Being free to choose

what's great is the freedom to pursue 

whatever you like

should it not be important to some but very special to you

Life and what it may be comprised of for every individual is awesome

Our differences make us unique

The fact that there are many languages used to communicate and the majority you will never hear

nontheless speak

Enjoying what you have will change you forever 

Although lacking in material things does not have the same appeal

when your time has run out what will matter is the joy you received from this world, people

and the way they made you feel

If you're seeking something extraordinary from life, put down the device

They may help to feel secure and connected 

but could also take place as a happiness vice

Be nice, be kind

Be yourself while cherishing the relationships in your life

Take in the world around you with more observance

Because being grateful is what is awesome 

not living day to day as if as if in a trance

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Our world
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