Take Your Place.

My hands are covered in steel dust as I look at the perfectly coped chassis tubes.

Success. After hours of determined grinding I finally craft my vision.

I turn around and his eyes flicker up from my ass to my smile.

"Good job" he says.


I will not be taken seriously,

In a culture where the folds of my brain do not compare to the curves of my body.

And that's how society needs to change.

Women in STEM need respect and I refuse to be vaguely poetic about this.

I am no poet,

But know that I am more than the body I was given.

I am an engineer.


Don't be scared darling, and don't be afraid to take your place,

Because inaction will not break these thick chains.

Lead, so that we can no longer be the minority.


I will not give up.

Join me.


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