Take a Step Back

Gay, straight, black, white

Who has the right to say what is right?


We all love, we all laugh, we all hurt just the same, 

Regardless of color, gender, or name.


Diversity should be treated as humanity's greatest treasure, 

People's many differences are a gift beyond measure.


Imagine everyone walking around the world as copies,

Sadly forsaken of any unique bones in their bodies.


That is a place with which I want nothing to do, 

Where each life is a lie and nothing is true.


No person should be condemned for things they can't control,

Though judged by appearance, it only truly matters what resides in their soul.


So next time you judge another without knowing what they go through,

Take a step back and adjust your point of view.


It's ok to be different, from religion to race,

A person's true worth isn't defined by their face.


We come into this world innocent and weak, 

Not yet considering the prejudices people speak.


Maybe if we're lucky we can one day return to that state, 

Stronger bodies and open minds together on a clean slate.


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