Take A Stand


United States
35° 11' 7.2168" N, 81° 16' 26.0652" W

The world's an ignorant factory, the rich bought the winning hand
The middle class distraught, the poor blamed more than not
The government explaining that it is simply supply and demand

The unbroken replaced with what is new and improved, even people are bought
Where have those things come from, most don't know,
But you must destroy the innocent to get it, but no one cares, they just want it brought

As humans, we are a virus, the lowest of the low
We are unsustainable, creating a mindless wasteland
Capable of mass extinctions, ozone depletion, and the list continues to grow

We think someone else will take care of it all, but no one dares to raise a hand
But it is time for you to come forth and a make a difference, even you can take a stand

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