Take a Stand


The government put the authority in their hands

We of African-descent don't stand a chance

We need to finally take a stand

After all , it could be your sister or brother

Maybe your dad or even your mother

In the end , it's their words against ours

Regardless they still keep the internal power

Nowadays the law is corrupted

Will we ever have justice ?

All the animosity in the world just isn't worth it

No one should have to nick pick

Or take a gun and shoot it

Taking the life of our brothers

And getting away with cold blood murder

Leaving their family members in desperate sorrow and wonder

Like he was just walking down the street

So someone tell me why did he get stopped by the police ?

But they make up some false reason so we can look guilty

Now he runs free

While we continue to grieve

Which still leaves blood on his hands

It is time that we all should come together and take a stand

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