Take My Hand

Let's go to a dream world,

let's lay in the imaginary grasslands.

Lay your hair amongst the wildflowers,

and look above at the many hands,

our hands, and hands of centuries,

reaching towards the sky,

stretching and standing their ground.

Rooted to the earth,

like the souls of you and I.


You can hear the apparent birth

of hope and dreams,

thoughts that seem

to go on forever.

Hope for a better day,

and faith in a new way

of life.

Walk with me,

hold my hand.

I am yours

and you are mine,

in and out of the separated chime.

The love is the wind:

in and out of time.

invisible but strong.

If only we weren't so blind.


Life happened

and we were wrong.


Your eyes were the field where my feet used to dance.

Your lips were the battlefield where my soul used to leap.

And if the world would let it,

Your heart would still be where mine would sleep.

Take a journey with me.

Here my joy.

Here my shame.

And listen for the phoenix to burst again.

You were the calm sea that rested me,

The quiet wind that used to comfort me.


But nevermore,

The sun came up,

And it was no longer a dream.


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