Take me as I am

I am Manhattan where I was born and  I am Puerto Rico where I was raised

I am two cultures that I am proud to be a part of  

I am Puerto Rico that has this pretty views to see the ocean where the tides drag in  

I am the traveler that would like to go and meet new places I never been before

I am curious that wants to know what my future holds

I am the girl with the crazy curly hair with the freckles on her checks that are like the stars in the sky

I am the girl who like to make people laugh and never see them hurt or sad  

I am the brave girl that has to face the world and all it cruel ways  

I am the voice that’s always singing at any time of the day and when I do sing it’s with passion and out of my heart

I am who I am, take me as I am

~Jessica Delgado~

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