Take 4

Take 1

Fighting, flying, fun, and frightening

Home was rough, and school was nothing. 

Together as four was better than one. 

To grow up with siblings means that I've won. 

Fighting the wolves, four against one, we all stood together, but still no one, won.

Moving and people came in and out like theives, 

From a home full of something to homeless, you see,

Together we stood, not as four, but as one.

Take 2 meant more freedom, a house to hold high, 

alone we all stood and together we could fly.

Leaving school with the thoughts of "what should I do?" was soon followed up with nothing to prove.

Now it was me. 

My siblings all grown. 

Together we stood

Just no longer at home.

College was welcomed, my grades? 

There was no need.

I wasn't going to even succeed. 

Now Take 3

From falling in love

And moving cross country,

"Don't believe in me? Just you wait and see." 

A home at last, with someone to to hold,

My brothers still close.

We made it.

You know?

Now heres to the future

To you and to me...

No more with take 1, take 2, or take 3...

Forever past that...


On to Take 4.

This poem is about: 
My family


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