The Past dictates my future;

It controls me.

It devours my dreams,

Takes my mother,

Takes my brother,

And leaves me alone.

It eats me alive.

I try to run, but it's always at the destination I have picked.

Towering above me

With a cruel, morbid grin.

The ones who care try to drag me back,

Screaming my name,

But The Past has dug me in a hole, deeper than a canyon.

I hear the cries of my loved ones,

Begging me to follow.

The past has not consumed me, 

But I worry if I do not dig myself out,

Will everyone have already turned away?



Good poem, but don't let your past bury you alive. I learned that our past can keep us from the future that God wants to give to us. We have to let go of it to be set free and live onto a future filled with love and peace. Give your past to God and He will give you a bright future. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!


Thank you :)

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