Tainted Haven

Heartbeats synch when lovers meet
And that's what happened when you walked to me
But with every step, it starts to fade away.

Caving in, eyes search deeper
Into a soul--I know I'm becoming
Weaker but I can't help that I'm
A maniacal weeper.
This is the mind of a broken child.

Loneliness hurts because the world around me circulates
And I'm here standing
Still. Waiting
I'd never find because I say I don't
Want to...but I need to
I need someone--SOMETHING
To fill this little void that overcomes me
The darkened pit in my soul.

But I don't want to
Because I am fucked up beyond a resonable altitude
And I am pretty sure that therr is no honest adore
J'adore mon ami...J'adore
I don't know if that's right
All know what I'm saying
But do you know how I'm feeling

My safe haven has been taken and tainted
Red and green walls have been painted
And I'm sedated
To escape the pain that the present has brought
And the visions that I have saught
Can't you see that I'm hurting and tired of working to be a winner
Instead, I quit my job and became a sinner
I used to think that love was a place and not a feeling
But its different; my haven is not the least a bit appealing.


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